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Home Entertainment Environment ‘Negotiate for a just and fair climate change deal’, the Kenya Climate Change Working Group urges Kenyan delegation to COP 18

‘Negotiate for a just and fair climate change deal’, the Kenya Climate Change Working Group urges Kenyan delegation to COP 18

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Ahead of the 18th Conference of Parties set to begin on Monday 26 in Doha, Qatar, the Coordinator of the Kenya Climate Change Working Group has called on the Kenyan delegation to the COP to stand for Africa.


In a statement set to the Press on Sunday, Mr Joseph Ngondi said the Kenyan delegation should seek for a commitment by developed countries to provide financial resources especially with the view of addressing the potential finance gap for the period 2013-2020 to support adaptation and mitigation actions for the vulnerable developing countries.

He said the civil society in Kenya, and Africa as a whole will consider the COP18 as failure if the African delegationfail to demand for operationalization of the USD100 billion Green Climate fund to support climate action in developing countries as soon as possible.

“As a national umbrella body, KCCWG looks forward to a comprehensive and balanced package from COP 18, Doha, which sets the conditions for avoiding dangerous climate change impacts in the near future,” he said.

“We believe in multilateralism as the solution to the global climate change challenge and any outcomes of COP 18 in Doha must fully respect all principles and provisions of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change”, said the coordinator of Kenya Climate Change Working Group representing close to 180 grassroot groups fighting against climate change.

Mr Ngondi said the KCCWG believes that a scientifically responsive, responsible and multilateral rules-based climate regime should be preserved to build a strong foundation for a future new legally binding agreement.

The Umbrella civil society group on climate change said COP 18 must safeguard the environmental integrity, common but differentiated responsibility and respective capabilities principles (CBDR&RC), historical responsibility, equity and the honoring international commitments.

Ngondi urged the Kenyan delegation to demand a clear work and ambitious programme on addressing the significant mitigation gap between the level required by science to cap global temperature rise and that of the emissions reductions pledges on the table.

Currently this gap will set the world on a 2.5oC -5oC warming track above the pre-industrial time by 2100 according to the UNEP’s Emissions Gap Report, 2011. The global efforts in reducing Green house gas emissions into the atmosphere should be stepped up with developed countries taking leadership based on their historical responsibilities and capabilities.


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